5 Reasons why gas prices are high and rising….really.

The foundational causes for your financial torture at the gas pump.

A gasoline pump handle in a gas tank of vehicle with another customer at gas pump in background
  1. – The Biden Administration made crippling the oil and gas industry a top priority when it took office in January of 2021. They even sued to create new intangible standards, regulations that would necessarily increase fuel prices, and therefore the prices of virtually everything you buy. When that failed in court, it did not stop him. Why would he do this….because –
  2. The Democratic Party and Joe Biden are beholden to “green” activists and lobbyists who hate the combustion engine and think there are too many people on the planet.
  3. Many Democrats believe freedom of movement isnt a right. They believe in taking away your choice to drive. Unaffordable gas prices are a major part of their plan to restrict driving.
  4. The decline in the value of your dollars due to the federal government printing money to pay its bills, or “quantitative easing”. This practice is only speeding up, even as warnings of imminent government debt default, loom. Basic economics says – if more money is created in a system with no increase of productivity, prices will rise. Unfortunately, the federal government refuses to consider balancing its budget, so “quantitative easing” will continue. That means even more inflation which is already a major issue, and crushing average families.
  5. The Biden Administration recently banned importing energy from Russia, which includes oil. The unprovoked invasion by Vladimir Putin on Ukraine has led to economic sanctions on Russia. Energy being one of Russia’s biggest revenue streams has now been targeted. One has to wonder why the Biden Administration removed sanctions before the invasion. Sanctions that experts say may have prevented the war. Especially when it would have had little to no effect on Americans’ wallets.

No matter what excuses you hear from politicians or corporate media clowns, the actions of the Biden Administration, along with the economics of a monetizing the debt are as undeniable as the laws of physics. Gas prices are going to skyrocket.

Not to mention, when radical “climate” activists are allowed to use the full power of a 6 TRILLION dollar government machine to make energy production as difficult as possible. International events become more cover, than cause.

Always remember one fact and everything the federal govt does will make sense. The Biden Administration wants and loves the higher gas prices, they just want to evade the blame…

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