A Spiritual Crush: Your Spirit Insight to Finding Your Soulmate

When you have a spiritual crush, you can’t help feeling they may be your soul mate. This love will need guidance and insight from the wisdom of your spirit.

Two soulmates enjoying their deep spiritual connection

Are you wondering if your true soulmate is waiting for you? Are you looking for a little spiritual insight into who your romantic partner could be?

If so, this article is for you. By exploring the concept of a spiritual crush, we will uncover clues about the characteristics of your ideal soulmate and what qualities to look out for in potential partners.

In addition, we will discuss the importance of understanding your spirituality before you decide to embark on any romantic relationship.

What is a Spiritual Crush?

Falling in love

A spiritual crush is the same thing as a romantic crush but on a spiritual level. What exactly does that mean?

It means you are attracted to someone on a spiritual level. Your subconscious knows there is a connection, but it is still in the early phase of understanding it. This may or may not turn into love, but there is a good chance that if you notice a physical attraction early on, that love will reveal itself at some point.

Defining a Spiritual Connection

We may not be together but we're still connected

A spiritual connection is a bond that forms between people, on a level far deeper than you really know. Sometimes you can feel a spiritual connection with someone without any type of romantic feelings involved. A spiritual crush is basically someone who makes you feel this way on a romantic level.

A lot of time can go by before you make the decision to speak to your spiritual crush. If you let things happen naturally, then you may see exactly what your soulmate looks like.

Your Crush May Actually be Your Romantic Soulmate

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When your spirit has a crush, you may feel like you have known that person your whole life. This is because you are connecting at the soul level, and you may have shared many past lives together. In some cases, this may be someone who has been in your life before, but you were too young to form a romantic connection.

Help and Signs from the Universe

In peace with universe.

Here are 9 common signs from the universe that you have found your spiritual crush. If you nurture this crush, it could lead you to your soulmate.

1. You Keep Bumping Into Them Randomly

Your life will be filled with coincidences when you are on the path of finding your spiritual soulmate. You may find yourself in the same place at the same time as this person, or you may bump into them in an unusual manner.

2. You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

This is a clear sign that you are being guided by the universe to be together. You may have even shared many past lives, and this time around you fully understand each other’s thoughts and motivations.

3. You Understand Where They Are Coming From

You understand their point of view and the reasons why they do the things that they do. You know when your spiritual lover is in need of comfort or needs to be left alone, because you are a part of them.

4. You Have Deep Empathy For This Person

You feel a deep empathy for this person. You know what they are feeling and thinking. You have a strong connection with them, even if you have only just met them.

5. You Care About Their Existence Unrelated To Yours

You care about this person’s existence and their happiness above and beyond what will happen to you. You feel the need to see them happy and healthy, even if it doesn’t directly affect you or your life.

6. There‚Äôs Synchronicity, and Your Interactions Flow Smoothly

When you communicate with this person, there is a sense of flow and smoothness to the conversation. You don’t have to work at it. It just seems to flow naturally and easily.

7. You Reach Levels of Understanding Beyond Other Connections

You feel a divine connection to this individual as if they are the vessel that can bring you enlightenment. Their wisdom is an invaluable gift guiding your growth and transformation.

8. You Dream and Keep Dreaming About this Person

You feel like you have a special bond that is unbreakable. Your relationship with this person feels safe and secure.

9. The Spirit May Also Experience a Feeling of Exchange.

There is a sense of belonging and deep connection like you have known them for a long time or have known that they existed. You feel that this person has the potential to make a huge positive impact on your life. Your knowledge and their knowledge will simply exchange back and forth without the ego getting in the way.

Conclusion: Embracing the Journey-Like Aspect

Once you have found your spiritual crush you need to cherish it and embrace the journey. Remember that this person is not here to replace anyone else in your life. You are still free to have other relationships, but you have found someone who is special and can bring a lot of light into your life.

You need to trust that this person is here for a reason. You are both on the same spiritual path and you have much to learn from each other. Finally, enjoy that you have found this person, most of us are not that lucky.

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