Free Email Marketing Tools to Save Your Valuable Time

In this article, we’ll tell you what tools are needed at every stage of email marketing. There are three types of free email marketing tools: online services; browser extensions; desktop programs. The latter type is rare.

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Email marketing has special tools to speed up and streamline your workflow.   They help to plan and execute mailings, work with the recipient database, track analytics.

Authors, who are also responsible for this guide on how to write a dissertation, say that most marketers use free online services and extensions. Besides, the free and paid services differ depending on their features and functions, such as email-mailing systems; work with the mailing base; creating, proofreading and editing emails; creation and editing of graphic materials, animation; verification and improvement of the text of the letter; testing emails; analytics.

Email marketing systems that will be of use to you

The distribution system (ESP) is a service that stores a subscriber base and sends letters. Many mailing systems are not limited to sending emails, they also cover SMS and push notifications. There are marketing mailing systems with built-in email editors and integration with various testing systems, analytics, and other email sending systems. Most popular free mail marketing systems experts offer to use are:

  • MailChimp;
  • GetResponse;
  • UniSender;

The success depends on how accurately you’ll plan your future email marketing campaigns. To cope with the email marketing planning, you’re recommended to use a mind map. Such marketing tools will help to create it:

  • MindJet Mindmanager;
  • XMind;
  • Mindmeister;
  • iMindMap;
  • FreeMind;
  • Mind Node.

FreeMind and xMind are advanced free mail marketing services. Judging by the reviews, the latter free program is considered the most popular. The rest have either certain rates per month or one-time payments, as is the case with MindJet Mindmanager.

Programs to create an interesting design of the letter template

For the design of the letter template, email marketers use free built-in editors and builders of email messages. Their functionality is limited, so it is better to use special programs like the following listed below:

  • Stampready;
  • Stripo;
  • Tilda;
  • Khak;
  • EDMdesigner;
  • BeeFree;
  • Form Builder;
  • Moosend;
  • EmailFactory;

Such mail marketing services can create a unique design having unlimited benefits. This is more complicated than making a couple of clicks in intuitive patterned constructors but the result is worth it. If the originality of the design is important to you, use one of the free ready-made templates by loading the HTML code into the email editor. Some pretty good online HTML editors:

  • Online HTML Editor;
  • TinyMCE;
  • HTML Editor Toolkit;
  • HTML edit;
  • Free HTML editors;
  • InkBrush (automatic generation of adaptive HTML code based on the downloaded PSD file).

Services with cool samples and full PSD and HTML templates:

  • TemplateMonster;
  • EmailDrips;
  • EmailCompetitors;

How to work with images effectively?

For an email to be convenient and pleasant to read, it must load quickly and weigh little. Therefore, graphic images for mailing lists are compressed and sent in JPEG format (weighs little, but the quality is lost) and PNG (weighs more than JPEG, preserves quality).

Online image compressors:

  • TinyPNG;
  • Online GIF optimizer;
  • Compress JPEG for mass image processing (up to 20);
  • io.

If you want to add animation, use free GIF files. You can create them by yourself or choose the free ones that are already ready on the Giphy website. Flash animation is not displayed in many email clients, so it is better not to insert it into the letter.

A person spends a few seconds to look at the pictures and the title in the letter to decide whether to read the text or not. Your job is to make sure that the visual part loads instantly. If you have not taken the time to compress the picture, why the reader will wait until it loads?

Free services to work with the email text

Systems checking the text uniqueness sometimes reach the point of absurdity, so do not chase 100% uniqueness. If there are a lot of mistakes in the letter and it is made up crookedly, you don’t want to read it, therefore literacy and informativeness of the text are important for mailings. It should be concise, but not dry and patterned. Here are two free useful services that will make the text better:

  1. Synonym Online and Synonymizer will choose synonyms;
  2. Hemingway app and Grammarly correct errors in English texts.

The formation of email subscribers base

Want to optimize the workflow for collecting customer base? MailHunter program can deal with sorting email-bases, removing duplicates, collecting email-addresses, merging, sorting, etc. will help to reduce the time you spend every day significantly. Also, you can benefit from using such free programs as:

  • List Builder plugin for WordPress, which helps to collect email addresses of site visitors;
  • ePochta List Manager to merge or split email lists;
  • ePochta Subscription Manager (sending subscription or unsubscribe messages);
  • Atomic Email Verifier to verify the existence of a domain and the email address specified during registration;
  • Npust Email List Manager ( removing duplicates and sorting by domain, alphabetical or date of user registration).

Personalization and segmentation

Personalization of email newsletters is based on tags. These are identifiers of contacts, the user’s first and last names, his/her gender, age, preferences, location, etc. For high-quality personalization, you won’t have enough data that the user entered during registration. Therefore, regularly conduct surveys on the site and in the mailing lists. So, you will cover the whole picture and take into account relevant, not outdated information.

Segmentation is the division of a customer base into subcategories by user’s region of residence, gender, date of birth, user activity, etc. It’s necessary to congratulate the subscriber on his or her birthday, talk about discounts, sales or promotions to readers who live in the respective city. To properly personalize and segment the client base, you must rely on the data provided by the analyst. If it is incomplete or incorrect, sending out will not give a great result.

Before you send a message, be sure to test it. At this stage, problems of displaying the email on various devices and in different mailing systems are detected. Fortunately, they can be fixed before sending the newsletter, not to receive bad feedback from users. To make sure the email is error-free, get the support of the professional essay writing service like which provides awesome essay help. Entrust specialists to check emails before sending them.

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