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Long gone are the days when anime movies and series only showed on TV. Then, you had to wait for days or weeks to watch a single episode of your favorite anime shows. Thanks to rapid advancement in technology, it is now possible to watch anime on the go! Provided you have a good internet…

Long gone are the days when anime movies and series only showed on TV. Then, you had to wait for days or weeks to watch a single episode of your favorite anime shows. Thanks to rapid advancement in technology, it is now possible to watch anime on the go! Provided you have a good internet connection, you can revel in your favorite anime online irrespective of your location.

GoGoAnime is a renowned anime platform with a rich database full of all types of anime content. Boasting a significantly large following, GoGoAnime is your home for Japanese anime. The site offers many shows all dubbed in English, which is a feature that allows fans who do not understand Japanese to enjoy and get in on some action.

Owing to copyright issues, GoGoAnime has been pulled down and is therefore inaccessible in many countries. As a result, anime enthusiasts have been left stranded. No doubt, anime broadcasted on TV offers little variety compared to what is available online.

Here are some of the best GoGoAnime alternatives and similar websites and apps you can rely on:



Justdubs is a website that harbors a collection of the best Asian animation shows. All animation movies and series on this site are dubbed but don’t be surprised if you find one or two with subtitles. You can’t look past the fact that Justdubs is free.

Here, you have unlimited entertainment including both recent and classic anime. What’s more, all the videos load at cutthroat speeds. They all have high-quality visuals and clear audio. Enjoy watching as many animations as you want with no interruptions.

Want to see what current updates there are on the site? Click the homepage. Besides updates, you will find other categories such as the latest cartoons, latest anime, and the latest episodes. Some high-quality cartoons on Justdubs include Aladdin, Garfield, and Pink panther, to mention but a few.

Justdubs has a modern dark theme and an easy to navigate interface. Everything is well laid out to enable you to find what you’re searching for in seconds.



No need for registration here. Fans who are skeptical about forfeiting their details during registration on other anime sites can breathe a sigh of relief. Simply search for the site and start watching trending and classic dubbed animations.

From the likes of One Piece to Sword Art Online, to Naruto, you’ll be spoilt for choice anytime you are up for a good time. Use the search feature at the top right side of the site to type the genre or title of the specific animation show you’re looking for.

Need help? There’s a chat feature/widget available on the site to help solve your dilemmas. Whether you want recommendations on the best series or you want to engage other visitors on an interesting discussion, feel free to do so in the chat area.



Constant advert pop-ups are a turn off for most visitors on any anime site. It’s no wonder fans from all around the globe throng the Chia-Anime anime site. This site is not only easy on the eye but there are minimal advertisements. Finally, you can delight in some high-quality anime without distractions.

Chia-Anime has a wide selection of Asian Animations. This, including genres and categories such as Horror, Drama, Erotica, Mystery, Fantasy, and Adventure. While there are no official viewer restrictions, this website is ideal for younger anime watchers.

The site has an impressive loading time and supports various formats. You can play downloaded animations on your smartphone, computer, gaming console or TV.

Want to voice your opinion and interact with other viewers online? Chia-Anime has an active Facebook page made just for this purpose. Get hints on the latest updates on the site, make friends, and connect with other like-minded anime fans drawn from countries all over the world.



Crunchyroll lets you choose from a list of a whopping 15 genres. Categories like, Manga, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Sport, Shoujo, whatever tickles your fancy, you’ll find it here. The genres are further divided into sub-categories depending on their original country of production. Masterpieces like Angel beats, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto are just a few of the top fan favorites you will find fully updated on this site.

Anime enthusiasts can watch anime videos at whatever time or place with sufficient internet reception. Crunchyroll does have pop-up advertisements. If you find them annoying, you are free to use the lock button to avoid distractions.

Visitors can access anime for free on this site. Here, you can choose one out of the available eight languages, which includes French and Arabic.

If, however, you want to watch new animation videos or movie/series updates as soon as they are released and broadcast, you will be forced to pay. Simply register and open your account on the platform first. Thereafter, sign up for the premium package of your choice. The premium membership grants you unlimited access to the most recent anime, HD quality.

Want to get a feel of what premium membership entails? Visitors can register first and in exchange get a free 2-week premium membership trial.

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While the AnimeUltima site doesn’t require all users to register, it is advisable to create a user account first. This way, you get frequent notifications informing you of new episodes and updates. Plus you can leave comments about what you watch.

Without registering, users still have access to a ton of anime without facing limitations. You can watch anime videos across different genres in High Definition. The only difference is that you won’t be in a position to engage with other users, a privilege that the registered users delight in.

Some of AnimeUltima’s distinct features include a search bar to enable you to find animation videos faster, a selection of over 30 genres and up to 1500 animation series.


Have some free time? Feel free to choose from a list of 5000 anime movies and series on KissAnime. All available animations are listed in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to locate your favorite. To learn more about an animation video you’re curious about, place your mouse pointer over it and a brief description will pop up. This gives you a peek into what the anime is about.

All the Anime content is dubbed in English. For those viewers who don’t mind subtitles, you’re sorted too. Whether you’re registered or not, you will have free and continuous access to any uploaded videos on the site.

Want to let your social media friends in on some anime action? Simply like and share any animation video on Facebook or Twitter. Catch up on the latest and see what people are saying on the KissAnime forum.

To cater to all visitors, KissAnime has the mobile phone compatible version and the desktop version. The mobile-friendly version only works on smartphones and only requires less bandwidth.


Finally! An anime streaming site that doesn’t discriminate against age or gender. Fact remains that most Animation viewers comprise kids and teens. While parental guidance is encouraged, this site has enough animation videos and genres to suit different tastes and age groups.

The attractive interface is designed to make it effortless for you to locate Animation content categorized under different genres. These genres include Mystery, Shoujo, Space, Fantasy, Ecchi, Action, Vampire, Seinen, Horror, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Meccha, and Romance among numerous other genres.

To get inkling on the animation videos you’re curious about, click on it and read the description. The short description will tell you what the anime is about, how many episodes there are and so on. A downside for AnimeShow.tv is that there’s no place for people to engage. No public forums or chats either. The only thing available is the comment section under each episode where registered users can leave their comments.


Funimation is your haven for all matters anime. From Anime games to Manga stories, and all other animation-affiliated accessories, visitors not only get to watch videos but have a chance to order anime paraphernalia straight from the site.

Based in North America, Funimation boasts the top position as the leading media content distributor. A huge fraction of all the content is made up of Anime videos, all which you can watch for free. A short while ago, only visitors from North America could access the site. But now, their services are accessible to anime lovers from both Ireland and the United Kingdom.


When it comes to animation series and movies, Animeheaven is the place to be. Browse through a long list of Japanese animation shows and find the perfect pass time entertainment. If you already know what you want to watch, avoid having to read up and down the categories and simply type the title on the site search bar.

There are both dubbed and subbed animations meant to suit different viewer demands. A feature that comes in handy on Animeheaven is the filter button. Users can use it to sift through most viewed, best rated and top favorite anime shows.

The main categories on this site’s homepage include the Latest releases, On-going animations, and Popular today. There are over 40 different genres available such as Magic, military, drama, horror, and comedy. Watch any anime of your choice free of charge. From the likes of Isekai Quartet, RobiHachi to Fairy Tale, you can watch both classics and freshly broadcasted anime videos.

Click on that animation title that sparks your curiosity and get a snippet on how many episodes there are, its genre, and a brief paragraph describing what it’s about. What’s more, you get to see a list of other animations similar to the one that you selected.

Can’t get over an Anime show you just watched? Why don’t you share your joy with other people on Twitter and Facebook? Viewers can use the same social media platforms to vote for their favorite shows, share comments, or voice their complaints if any.


This list wouldn’t be complete without paying tribute to the world-leading entertainment one-stop-shop. With no shortage of famous movies, series, TV shows, and cartoons, Netflix is a great source for anime videos too.

Some major features that set this site apart from the rest include premium packages. Premium users can open several screens and watch different shows at the same time. The Netflix interface is available in many languages. There are no advertisements on the site and it’s designed to play on PCs, Tablets, Smart TVs, MacBook, and Smart Phones.

Here, there’s an unlimited database of animation shows, series, and movies. All users have access to the help center that is available round the clock. Should you experience issues navigating the site, setting parent control or need help finding something there’s a dedicated team ready to make sure you’re sorted.

Unlike most sites, this media-streaming site offers its services at a monthly fee. You can choose from four plans. The low-cost plan allows access with one device and lower quality video. The pricier plans offer access to multiple devices and HD quality videos among other perks.

Legendary Anime shows that you can find here include Aggretsuko, Hunter X Hunter, Toradora, Naruto, Glitter Force, One Punch Man, and The Seven Deadly Sins among numerous others.

Summary …

A large percentage of animations come from the Asian part of the globe but their viewership stretches far and wide. The Asians seem to have mastered the art of computerizing distinct graphics that bring hand-drawn characters to life.

In a world full of an endless list of media and entertainment, nothing is comparable to animation videos. There is a level of contentment viewers earn by watching anime content. But, with little to no anime videos showing on most TV channels, fans are forced to look towards anime sites to quench their thirst for good quality animation videos. There being a ton of sites to choose from it can be daunting to find one or two that fit your needs.

To save you the trouble above is a selection of the 10 most reliable animation websites and apps. Each one of these sites is unique. The one similarity they all share is that they have a wide selection of animation videos to choose from.

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