Watching Soul Eater in 2022… What’s up with Soul Eater Moon?

The story takes place in a fantasy world where there are some humans who have the ability to transform into weapons. Human Weapons are partnered with Meisters, individuals who can wield their partner’s weapon form by becoming one with them.


Twisted Appearance

He only becomes visible at night, but it’s fascinating that some clouds occasionally pass behind it.

The Moon is far enough away in the sky above the Earth’s surface that, for fast travel to this satellite, either by vehicles such as the Demon Airship or certain meisters’ flight abilities, or weapons shinigami and witches’, is required.

Soul Eater Moon Character

Soul Eater Moon AI

In Most Dark Scenes

The anime/manga Soul Eater follows the story of Maka Albarn and her friends during their time at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. As they train to become weapons and meisters, the DWMA students battle against witches who are trying to awaken the Kishin Asura.

DWMA (Soul Eater World)

At the Death Weapon Meister Academy, future death gods and demon weapons learn how to control their powers and use them for good. The goal is to become a Death Scythe, the harvest of one hundred evil souls.

Various Personality Traits

The series follows Maka Albarn and her partner Soul Eater as they follow in the footsteps of their mentor Death the Kid playing out various schemes and becoming a Death Scythe.

Soul Eater Moon Generated from Colab

Moon Amid Clouds

The Moon has, on rare occasions, been seen in the thoughts or hallucinations of individuals. With madness present, the moon gains flight capabilities. Flight capabilities found a noteworthy part in anime. Take a fast flight and no doubt you will make a good impression.

The Sun and the Fire Force

Though it lacks a distinct personality, Atsushi Okubo will occasionally engage the Moon and Sun in “dialogue.” Moon’s Dialogue is frequently associated with irony and darkness. His clear personality traits link him to the terms lunacy and presence.

Real-Life Fire Force

The Moon is a lot more frightening than the Sun due to its odd form. The Moon frequently symbolizes the antagonists of the series and their various plans and activities, as most dark settings in the manga occur at night.

Manga Soul Eater

The belief is that the Black Cat’s drooling results from a combination of its nocturnal habits and its vampiric nature. It also drools blood in areas where there has been violence or bloodshed; it’s said that when blood is spilled in front of it, this happens. This represents death and murder as a theme. It’s said that when it appears in the night sky, it’s thought to be a bad omen; there are also legends of its nightly hunts for other creatures’ blood.

magna soul eater

As Clouds Pass

The Moon is traditionally associated with mystery, madness, the feminine mystique, and lunacy. The term “lunatic” reflects that influence (see article on Luna ).

The soul eater moon is also a symbol of madness, which may be seen throughout the series. It’s frequently there when insanity is in the air, looking insane itself and some of the characters. This may be a reference to old beliefs about how people thought that the moon was what triggered madness, hence phrases like lunatic and lunacy.

Fire Force

Before starting the series, Atsushi Okubo intended to have the manga’s conclusion take place on the Moon, but he also considered it difficult for the story to reach there. That’s why, by Chapter 1, he had drawn the Moon hidden amid clouds to indicate that it was much closer than in reality and hence accessible to Soul Eater characters.

That’s Not the Strangest Thing

In the event that a character has been decapitated but not killed, they can be revived by reattaching their head to their body. The Moon serves as a symbol of this resurrection since the moon is a heavenly body that appears at nighttime and also does something “bizarre” or unexpected.

People Believed the Black Star to be Old Folklore

The Moon’s silhouette typeface will sometimes switch to a cut-out circle, and any text within the circle will have its color inverted. This is referred to as “Moonlight Mode.” Moonlight Mode has been thought up by some fans to be a mode for Soul Eater Moon that kicks in during certain battles or other intense moments, but this has never been confirmed nor denied by Andrew Hussie.

Dark Humor (Death City)

The most notable use of Moonlight Mode was during the last fight between Erebus and the Felt. It is believed that, through some form of magic or other paranormal activity, Quarters quilts into four pieces to create eleven soldiers with a drinker’s chance at best of being favorited by fate beyond their unfortunate birth dates. As such, the fight between Erebus and the Felt was considered to be so intense that Moonlight Mode kicked in.

After this battle, Moonlight Mode became a running gag within the series. Reference is made to it on multiple occasions between characters, but never as a mode that can be activated at will by any person. This means that the only people who can activate it are the ones with the power to decide when a moment is truly epic.

The Sun’s Positive Energy

During a fight between Terezi and Gamzee, Gamzee activates Moonlight Mode. However, as he was being controlled by Kurloz Makara at the time, this can be seen as either an accident or a prank pulled by Vriska Serket.

Once in a blue moon, when the stars of the fire force align just so and the gods look upon their creations with favor, you may see Soul Eater Moon’s Moonlight Mode switch on for no reason at all.

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